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Marian Sandberg is an emerging artist living and working on Kaurna land.

She seeks to understand what it means to be human in this age of technology. In order to do so, her practice questions what humans gain and lose through interfacing with tech. Through installation, sculpture and textiles, she assembles data structures, algorithms and machines that perform considered shifts to entrenched distributions of agency.

She calls on a wide array of technologies, from needle and thread to electronics, breaking apart and inserting herself in to technical systems in order to locate and define her own humanity. A diverse collection of old and new technologies are brought together and programmed in the expanded field, offering alternative systems to inhabit and grounds for re-thinking inherited technological norms.

Marian holds a Bachelor of Visual Art from the Adelaide Central School of Art and a Master of Information Systems from the University of South Australia. She is a 2024 ACE Studio resident, Hatched alumni, recipient of the Praxis ARTSPACE Studio Residency, FELTspace Graduate Award, and the UnitCare Services Digital Media Award. She is never quite sure where her keys are, and wonders if Siri gets tired of finding them.

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Image: Marian Sandberg, The Presence (2023), Photograph by Daniel Purvis